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Concealed Carry Safety Course


Concealed Carry Safety Course


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Chris Anderson’s Firearms Training offers the best Pistol Safety Class in Palm Coast and Flagler County. Our certified NRA Instructor, Chris Anderson, takes students through all of the details encompassing handguns so that they feel confident in owning, shooting and carrying a gun.

Concealed Weapon Safety Course is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper operation of pistol. This course is at least four hours long and includes classroom and range time learning to shoot pistol. Students will learn the rules for safe gun handling; pistol parts and operation; ammunition, and shooting fundamentals.

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Next Class Dates:         Please email me to let me know what date you would like.


Cost: $60.00 per person.

The class is held at Flagler Gun & Archery Club.

The course is one day.
Offered on most Sindays and Wednesdays from
9:30am-3pm. Dates above are updated regularly.
Weekday classes can be scheduled for groups of 5 to 15 students.

This Pistol Safety Class in Palm Coast meets the requirements for those wishing to pursue a Concealed Weapon Permit. Our staff will happily assist you through the application process and provide you with the necessary materials to do so.

Chris Anderson’s Firearms Training provides students with a .22 Revolver and 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol.


-Am I allowed to bring my own firearm?
Chris Anderson’s Firearms Training will provide guns and ammunition for students. You may bring your own pistol and
for the class.

-Is there a test?
No. There is no formal testing in this course, nor are you required to qualify in marksmanship. This is a basic course, designed for the novice looking to gain more information about handgun operation and carry laws.

-What forms of payment do you take?
We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover & Cash. If paid in advance- personal checks can be accepted.

-How do I get my concealed carry permit
Upon finishing the concealed weapons safety course, you will receive a certificate of completion. The state application fee is $119.00 and options are to either mail your provided packet to the Florida Department of Agriculture or go apply in person at the Jacksonville branch. Additional application requirements include fingerprints and a passport size photo.

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