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Urban Defensive Rifle/Shotgun Training II


Urban Defensive Rifle/Shotgun Training II


Product Details

This training can be conducted as team training.

Prerequisites: You must complete – Urban Defensive Rifle/Shotgun Training I – or demonstrate proficiency in the skill sets listed in that training. (Military, Law Enforcement, & Competition Shooting experience, may be substituted for prerequisites. Must be cleared by me, and you must demonstrate proficiency).

Max class size is 8 shooters.

This training is designed for Semi Automatic/Lever Action/Pump Action, Rifles using iron sights or optics designed for close range. Shooting distances will be 5 to 50 yards. Your rifle should be zeroed at the distance of your choice, before class.

Shooting Positions:

Unsupported – Standing, Kneeling, Prone

Supported – Standing, Kneeling, Prone

5- 7 hours of Range Time.

Semi Automatic/Lever Action/Pump Action, Rifle, any caliber from .22lr up to but not including .50BMG
All pump or Semi Auto Shotguns allowed.

Iron Sights, Optics, Lasers are allowed.

At least 3, serviceable, magazines for, magazine fed, rifles. (Rifles with tube magazines, loaded from the muzzle end, are not allowed.)

At least 400 rounds of ammunition.
I do recommend a pouch, or ammo belt for guns that do not have magazines.

Ball/FMJ or Soft Tip/JHP Allowed, (No AP, API, Tracer, ect.)
Ammo for shotguns must be #4 Buckshot 9or larger) or Slugs. NO birdshot allowed
Cleaning Kit, Eye protection, Hearing Protection

$155.00 Per Shooter